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Lebron Starts a South Beach Diet

July 8, 2010

I might be the only person on the blogosphere discussing this topic this evening, so I’ll try to hit all the high points.

I couldn’t help noticing that Lebron looked a bit uneasy this evening.  I don’t think he’s fully convinced he made the right decision.  Given that he had obviously given up on the Cavaliers situation for whatever reason.  If he considered them a valid option, he would have stayed there.

Given that was leaving Cleveland, I’m not sure that Miami was his best option.  Yes he, Wade, and Bosh make a great menage a trois, but there is no room under the cap for the Heat to go out and get the Robert Horry or Derek Fisher or Steve Kerr that is usually necessary to win a title.  Maybe the 3 superstars and 9 role players can pull it off.  They, assuming good health, should be in the upper echelon consistently.  But I fear the 3 of them will have to have a combined 80 points a game too often for it work between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

I think the best fit for him would have been Chicago.  Boozer, Rose, Noah, et al I think that team would’ve been the overnight favorite at least to win the East (I know my friend Nick disagrees).

Obviously with this decision Lebron is saying that it doesn’t matter much to him whether he’s Batman or Robin.  He was obviously Batman, would have been Batman in Chicago or New York.  In Miami Dwayne Wade is Batman.

This is a devastating decision for Cleveland.  I am a fan of the Cavaliers but its more tangential, being primarily a Pittsburgh guy that grew up a Bird-Celtics fan but always had loyalty to the Cavs being the most local team, so there are others better able to speak on the emotions of this.  The emotions will be very raw in Cleveland, especially if people notice how similar Lebron’s quote of, “My heart will always be in Cleveland” is to Art Modell’s, “I left a piece of my heart in Cleveland” when he took the Browns to Baltimore.    Speaking personally with a Pittsburgh analogy I was very angry at Barry Bonds when he left.  I disliked him strongly, and the last image of him as a Pirate being the failure to throw out Sid Bream trying to score from 2nd base certainly didn’t help him.  Only 15 years and a counter-reaction to the vitriol Bonds took from the overly-puritanical bender the national media has been on with regards to steroids in baseball got me to soften my opinion of Bonds somewhat.  There will be many Cavaliers fans that will never be able to forgive Lebron for betraying them.  At least for several years it could very well be true in Lebron’s case the old adage you can never go home again.  It will not be a pleasant scene the first time the Heat visit Cleveland next season that is for sure.

But in the long run Lebron made a business decision, pure and simple.  Obviously only time will tell on how it plays out for him.


Braylon Edwards Accused in Night Club Assault

October 5, 2009

The alleged incident took place early this morning in Cleveland:

Generally speaking this would not be a huge deal. Its a simple assault, a heat of the moment thing, if it ever makes it to court I assume he would pay a fine and that would be that. But its not like Braylon had a lot of fans left in Cleveland. He drops passes, has acted petulent in the past, and for what its worth he went to Michigan. If its a matter of an argument between him and the guy that saved the Cavaliers franchise and is the first time Cleveland sports has had an unquestioned mega star of a sport since Jim Brown in Lebron James, Edwards might as well seek help from the feds getting into the witness protection program. This needless argument was to say the least a dumb move on his part. And obviously not exactly what the 0-4 Browns needed right now.

Lebron Smoked Weed

July 23, 2009

I doubt he is the only high schooler in the history of America to’ve done so, of course:

Still, it sounds like it could be an interesting book.  To say he was the center of a media circus in high school would be to make a colossal understatement.  I attended the game during his senior year that he was suspended for the throwback jersey incident, and it was simply surreal.  I think it is remarkable that he came out of that experience as apparently well-grounded as he is.

NFL Goes to SCOTUS With Sherman Exemption Request

July 21, 2009

If successful, writes Lester Munson, they could radically re-wire the landscape of major American professional sports:

I am no legal expert to be sure, but I think on a logical level one can make a substantial argument that the leagues are single entities.  I think its a bad thing if SCOTUS rules that way; players and fans alike will likely get the fuzzy end of the lollipop in a number of ways.  But, technically speaking, I think the NFL has a case.

Shaq Coming to Cleveland

June 26, 2009

In a great move for the Cleveland Cavaliers they acquired aging center Shaquille O’Neal from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for a salary dump of Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic.  To me, pulling the trigger on this trade was a no-brainer for Cavs GM Danny Ferry.  Wallace and Pavlovic aren’t really helpful (indeed I have heard that B-Wall might retire).  There is the chance that Shaq proves to be over-the-hill and/or injury riddled and unable to help.  In that event, the Cavs are still no worse off.  Then again, Shaq could be useful at times, or he could even prove to be rejuvenated and be a great help.

It was made apparent during the Eastern Conference Finals that the Cavs lacked a strong presence in the low post defensively, and they also had zilch in terms of post offense.  Shaq can potentially fill that void.  If nothing else, Shaq can get some open throw downs when half of the defense collapses around a penetrating Lebron.  It strikes me that Shaq and Lebron could be a marriage that works not unlike Kareem and Magic for the Showtime Lakers, a superstar 2-guard/everyman and an aging all-time great center.  Obviously, that is what the Cavs are hoping for, and that moves like this dissuade any doubts Lebron would have about staying in Cleveland when he hits free agency.

Obviously, there could be unknown unknowns to change the equation, but it certainly looks like the Eastern Conference will be the Big 3 and little everyone else next season.  The Celtics should be getting Garnett back, Orlando just traded for Vince Carter (tho they might fail to keep Torkuglu) and of course the Cavs.  Should make for an entertaining May.

Shot Heard ‘Round Cleveland

May 23, 2009

I’m not sure what kinds of superlatives would suffice to describe Lebron James’ game-winning shot in Game 2 against Orlando last night, so I won’t bother.  We’ll just say it was really huge and move on.  You could possibly argue that Orlando should’ve doubled Lebron and risk someone else getting wide open, but Hedu was right on him.  I think the look on Stan Van Gundy’s face immediately afterwards said it all.

As for the actual game, obviously it was vitally important that Lebron sink that shot, as losing the first 2 at home would’ve been extremely difficult for the Cavs to come back from.  Now if they can steal either Game 3 or Game 4 down in FLA they are back on track.  As for the Magic, they were tantalizingly close to stealing both games in Ohio.  One could question how they will handle that psychologically, but I think they’ll be fine.  After all, this team bounced back quite fine from blowing a huge lead in Game 5 of the Boston series.

What has to concern Orlando is the pathetically slow starts they have been getting off to; they are letting the Cavs double them up the first 15 minutes of the game.  Conversely, what has to concern the Cavs is the pathetically lousy 3rd quarters they are playing.  We’ll see if one team figures that out moreso than the other.

Cavs Win Another Sweep

May 11, 2009

8 games, 8 wins, 8 double-digit wins so far in these NBA Playoffs.  The Detroit Pistons were not worthy competition in the 1st round, but the Atlanta Hawks are a solid basketball team, and the Cavs for the most part handled them.  They had to work for the two games in Georgia, but you knew who the better team was in the 4th quarter.  So now the Cavs can sit back and relax and see who will be coming to Quicken Loans Arena about a week from now.  My hunch is the Celtics after the way Big Baby Davis (or Ticket Stub if you prefer) hit the game-winner last night to even the series and reclaim home court advantage.  Unless Orlando wins.

Cavs Look to Upgrade Offense

August 13, 2008

By acquiring scoring point guard Mo Williams from the Milwaukee Bucks in a 3 team 6 player trade also involving the Oklahoma City franchise.  The Cavs give up Joe Smith and Damon Jones as part of the move.  In other words, they didn’t give up a ton, though Smith can certainly be useful.

I can’t say I’m enough of an NBA fan to speak intelligently about Mo, but in general the Cavs sorely needed to upgrade the offensive options not named Lebron.  Hopefully this move does that.

Cavs Deny Ilgauskas the Olympic Dream

June 14, 2008

The Cleveland Cavaliers will not permit Zydrunas Ilgauskas to play for Lithuania in the 2008 Olympics basketball tournament.  Of course, Lebron has clearance to play for Team USA.  The Cavs point out that Z has a history of injuries and ailments, and apparently his contract is not fully insured (he gets hurt they have to eat it and pay him).  Those are valid arguments, but I still don’t like this.  Its the Olympics.  Its his country.  I think they should let him pay if he wants to.  I wonder if he could sign some sort of waiver that said that if he got hurt while playing for Team Lithuania the Cavs don’t have to pay the uninsured portion of his contract?  Either way, on a human level I would like to see the Cavs let Z travel to Beijing and participate.  It smacks of favoritism to let Lebron play for the USA but to not let their best international player play for his country.  To say nothing of the fact that this decision will potentially create a Z that is pissed at his employer which could certainly create issues moving forwards toward the 2008-9 season.  So, I say, Free Z!

Cavs Can’t Quite Overcome

May 18, 2008

Lebron James had a monster game this afternoon, but so did Boston’s Paul Pierce.  The Celtics got out to a quick 1st quarter lead and the Cavs could never quite get over the hump.  Down the stretch I think the two key plays were Paul Pierce gaining control of the jump ball between Zydrunas Ilgauskas and James Posey with about 1 minute remaining and Delonte West failing to knock down a 3 that would’ve tied the game a few seconds later.  On the jump ball, I frankly think you could argue that it should’ve been whistled down as a false jump when neither player was able to get the toss anywhere near its apex.  I also disagree with Jeff Van Gundy saying that was Lebron’s fault for not boxing out Pierce.  Pierce made a nice play, and Lebron was playing for a ball coming towards him, not way out towards midcourt.

Frankly, though, I think the key to this series was the Cavs failing to steal Game 1.  They had a real chance to win one in Boston right there and put the Celtics in chase mode.  Instead the Cavs spent the entire fortnight in chase mode, and they never did quite overtake the Beantown Express.  So now the late 1980s Nostalgia Tour continues with a Pistons v Celtics Eastern Conference Final pairing minted.  Que up the “and there’s a steal by Bird, gives it to DJ who lays it in!  What a great play by Bird!!!” footage.