Current NFL Standings

We are now at the point where everyone has taken their byes, so all teams have played the same number of games.  Sorry not much analysis this week as I fell asleep earlier this evening and now its 4am, but here are the standings, starting in the AFC:

1. New England (9-2)

2. Denver (8-3)

3. Cincinnati (7-3-1)

4. Indianapolis (7-4)

5. Kansas City (7-4) ([head to head tiebreaker on San Diego for division rank] conference record on Baltimore [head to head to head on Pittsburgh & Cleveland for division rank])

6. San Diego (conference record on Baltimore {teams play each other this coming Sunday})

In the Hunt

7. Baltimore

8. Pittsburgh (record vs common opponents on Cleveland)

9. Cleveland

10. Miami (6-5) (division record winning percentage on Buffalo)

11. Buffalo

12. Houston (5-6)

Playing for 2015

13 & 14. New York & Tennessee (2-9) (same conference record & they’ll play each other later this season for what its worth)

15. Jacksonville (1-10) (conference record on Oakland)

16. Oakland

At this juncture, excluding division leading Cincinnati and Indianapolis, the AFC has 7 teams with either 6 or 7 wins fighting for the two wildcard spots and also to get back into their division leads.  Pittsburgh currently has tiebreaking on either Baltimore or Cleveland, but the Ravens hold the 3-way tie because their two losses to Cincinnati don’t count against them in this tie.  All 4 of the Ravens losses are in the conference which hurts them in most tiebreaking situations, given that everyone else other than Buffalo and Cleveland in this group only have 3 conference losses.  Buffalo plays Cleveland this weekend and Baltimore plays San Diego, so that could help sort things a little bit (or make it more jumbled).  In the North the Bengals currently lead by 1/2 game but they still have both games with Pittsburgh and one with Cleveland remaining.  Bottom line is odds are 10-6 will be what it takes to make the playoffs with the possibility that someone gets left out at that record, or that 9-6-1 or 9-7 gets someone in.


1. Arizona (9-2)

2. Green Bay (8-3) (head to head on Philadelphia [division record tiebreaker on Dallas])

3. Philadelphia

4. Atlanta (4-7) (head to head on New Orleans)

5. Dallas (8-3)

6. Seattle (7-4) ([division record on San Francisco] record vs opponents common with Detroit)

In the Hunt

7. Detroit (conference record on San Francisco

8. San Francisco

9. Chicago (5-6)

In the Hunt NFC South Edition

10. New Orleans (conference record on Minnesota & St. Louis)

Playing for 2015

11. Minnesota (head to head on St. Louis)

12. St. Louis

In the Hunt NFC South Edition

13. Carolina (3-7-1)

Playing for 2015

14. New York (3-8) (head to head on Washington)

15. Washington

In the Hunt NFC South Edition

16. Tampa Bay (2-9)

The NFC South is currently 6-24-1 in games outside the division.  But someone will get the 4 seed from this group.  My assumption is someone will get to 7-9 ultimately, but they all have loseable non-division games left.  Carolina at 3-7-1 might almost be in the best shape as they only have one AFC game left and still have 3 division games plus Minnesota this weekend, so maybe they can get to 7-8-1.  With Philadelphia playing Dallas and Seattle playing San Francisco on Thanksgiving, then again in a couple weeks, this might help start sorting out the good teams in the conference.



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