Updated NFL Standings

Maybe a more complete set of analysis after Week 12 action goes in the books, but here are the current standings (as I type the KC v Oakland game is in the 3rd quarter, the result of which will change the AFC playoff standings) starting in the AFC:

1. New England (8-2)

2. Denver (7-3) (head to head tiebreaker on Kansas City for division lead)

3. Cincinnati (6-3-1)

4. Indianapolis (6-4)

5. Kansas City

6. Pittsburgh (7-4)

In the Hunt

7. Miami (6-4) (conference record on San Diego & Baltimore [head to head on Cleveland for division rank])

8. San Diego (conference record on Baltimore {teams play each other later in season})

9. Baltimore

10. Cleveland

11. Houston (5-5) (head to head on Buffalo)

12. Buffalo

Playing for 2015

13. New York (2-8) (conference record on Tennessee {teams play each other later in season})

14. Tennessee

15. Jacksonville (1-9)

16. Oakland (0-10)

The Miami at Denver game this Sunday is critical; either the Broncos separate like we expect them to, or Miami improves to 7-4 and the Broncos drop to that record, which figures to be playoff spots, maybe even a team or two on the outside looking in, at the end of the weekend.


1. Arizona (9-1)

2. Detroit (7-3) ([head to head on Green Bay for division] conference record on Philadelphia [division record tiebreaker on Dallas for division])

3. Philadelphia

4. Atlanta (4-6) (head to head tiebreaker on New Orleans for division)

5. Green Bay (7-3) (conference record on Dallas)

6. Dallas

In the Hunt

7. San Francisco (6-4) (division record on Seattle)

8. Seattle

9. Chicago (4-6) ([head to head tiebreaker with Minnesota for division rank] conference record tiebreaker on St. Louis & 1 fewer conference loss than New Orleans {teams will play later in season})

10. New Orleans (head to head on Minnesota for conference rank after conference record drops St. Louis from 3 way tie {“In the Hunt NFC South Edition”})

11. Minnesota (conference record on St. Louis)

12. St. Louis

In the Hunt NFC South Edition

13. Carolina (3-7-1)

Playing for 2015

14. New York (3-7)  (head to head tiebreaker on Washington)

15. Washington

In the Hunt NFC South Edition

16. Tampa Bay (2-8)

The conference standings below the playoff cut read choppy trying to differentiate between mediocre & probably hopeless teams from teams that are mediocre with the good fortune of being in the South division.  Atlanta is 0-6 in non-division games but lead because they are undefeated in division games.  If they go 6-0 in the division they’ll probably need at least 1 non-division win as I assume someone will end up at least 7-9, maybe even 8-8.  Atlanta still has their home games with Cleveland and Pittsburgh, New Orleans has a home game with Baltimore and a game at Pittsburgh left.  Carolina is also still alive but probably can only afford 1 more loss; 2 would ultimate leave them 6-9-1 and I really hope that isn’t good enough!  There are a lot of teams with 6 or 7 wins in the other divisions and there won’t be room for all of them in the playoffs; the NFC could very conceivably have a 10-6 team or two miss.

With 5 weeks in which there are cross-conference games remaining, I find it interesting to note that the AFC and NFC are so far even against each other.  Because of the Bengals/Panthers tie, they won’t end up flat even unless there is a 2nd tie within the remaining games.


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