Current NFL Standings

Okay its that time of year again where I take the time each week to provide the current NFL conference standings and some quick thoughts.  I’ll start in the AFC:

1. New England (7-2) (head-to-head on Denver)

2. Denver

3. Indianapolis (6-3) (conference record on Cleveland [play each other Week 14])

4. Cleveland

5. Kansas City (6-3)

6. Cincinnati (5-3-1)

In the Hunt

7. Miami (6-4) (conference record on Pittsburgh [division record tiebreaker on Baltimore])

8. Pittsburgh

9. Baltimore

10. San Diego (5-4)

11. Buffalo (5-5)

12. Houston (4-5)

Playing for 2015

13. Tennessee (2-7)

14. New York (2-8)

15. Jacksonville (1-9)

16. Oakland (0-9)

Except for the South, at least 3 teams are still very alive in each division at this juncture.  The North is crazy close, with 1/2 game separating the four teams.  Cleveland with 3 losses and no ties is leading and in the best position, but things figure to be very fluid the rest of the way.  The same is true in the wildcard race, where only 1/2 game separates the top wildcard from the 3rd team out and a 4th team is only 1 full game out.  Of the pack Miami is in good shape if they can stay 2nd in the East (remember: you break division ties first in setting conference rankings) as they currently only have 2 conference losses.  All 4 of Baltimore’s losses are in the conference, including having lost 3 of 5 division games played which could hurt them in tiebreaking situations.  Within the North division you could have all teams go 3-3 in the division if Cleveland beats Cincinnati, Baltimore beats Cleveland, and Pittsburgh splits their two games with Cincinnati.


1. Arizona (8-1)

2. Detroit (7-2) (conference record on Philadelphia)

3. Philadelphia

4. New Orleans (4-5)

5. Dallas (7-3)

6. Seattle (6-3) (head-to-head on Green Bay)

In the Hunt

7. Green Bay

8. San Francisco (5-4)

9. Minnesota (4-5)

In the Hunt NFC South Edition

10. Carolina (3-6-1)

11. Atlanta (3-6) (conference record on Chicago, St. Louis, New York [head-to-head on Washington])

Barely Alive

12. Chicago (conference record on St. Louis & New York)

13. St Louis (conference record on New York [will play each other later in season]

14. New York

15. Washington

Playing for 2015

16. Tampa (1-8)

Things might even out a little bit by the end of the season, but right now you would have New Orleans make the playoffs by “winning” the South despite being a full 2 games worse than a Green Bay team that would miss the playoffs; they would get to host a Dallas team with a .700 winning percentage.  Only 7 of the 16 teams in the NFC are above .500 but is actually +1 against the AFC this season given the AFC has 4 teams with 2 or fewer wins at this point.  Arizona is off to a great start and if they beat Detroit this Sunday they would be in great shape to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs as they have also already beaten Philadelphia.  And by throughout, I mean throughout as their stadium hosts the Super Bowl; a team has never played a Super Bowl in their own home stadium.  On the other hand, it wouldn’t take much for them to fall out of leading the division or really even making the playoffs, and they’ll be playing their backup quarterback the rest of the season.  Barring someone collapsing, 2 good teams are going to miss the playoffs with 2 teams in the East, 2 in the North, and 3 in the West (including 5-4 San Francisco) in the mix.  Atlanta is only 1 game out of their division lead despite not having yet won a non-division game in 6 tries.  They are, however, undefeated against the South (two of the three games against Tampa).

All in all, it should be a fun final 7 weeks as always!


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