Final NFL Conference Standings & Playoff Schedule

Here are the final conference standings, starting in the AFC:

1. Denver (13-3)

2. New England (12-4) (head-to-head on Houston)

3. Houston

4. Baltimore (10-6) (division record on Cincinnati for division title)

5. Indianapolis (11-5)

6. Cincinnati (10-6)

7. Pittsburgh (8-8)

8. San Diego (7-9) (conference record on Miami)

9. Miami

10. Tennessee (6-10) (head-to-head on New York [record vs opponents common with Buffalo for division rank])

11. New York

12. Buffalo

13. Cleveland (5-11)

14. Oakland (4-12)

15. Jacksonville (2-14) (conference record on Kansas City)

16. Kansas City

Only six teams were above .500 in the conference (all with at least 10 wins) and those are the six teams that made the playoffs.  If Houston had won either of its last two games it would have gotten the #1 seed.  Instead, they lost both and dropped to the #3 seed where they will have to play a Bengals team that is essentially more rested because they treated today’s game with Baltimore as their bye week (and won anyway).  Denver started the year 2-3 before winning their final 11 games.  San Diego went 7-9 despite going 7-5 in conference games.


1. Atlanta (13-3)

2. San Francisco (11-4-1)

3. Green Bay (11-5)

4. Washington (10-6)

5. Seattle (11-5)

6. Minnesota (10-6) (division record tiebreaker on Chicago)

7. Chicago

8. New York (9-7)

9. Dallas (8-8)

10. St. Louis (7-8-1)

11. Carolina (7-9) (record vs opponents common within the division drops Tampa from tie, then head-to-head on New Orleans)

12 New Orleans (head-to-head on Tampa)

13. Tampa

14. Arizona (5-11)

15. Detroit (4-12) (head-to-head on Philadelphia)

16. Philadelphia

Two teams miss the playoffs, including Chicago having the rare misfortune of missing despite winning 10 games.  Carolina was 2-8 (and 3-9) before rallying to end up 7-9 and end up 2nd in the division by winning the 3 way tie.  Atlanta went 13-3 by splitting their division games 3-3 and winning all 10 non-division games.  That could bode well since they won’t see any division foes in the playoffs.  St. Louis ends up 3rd in the West despite having the best division record for West teams (4-1-1); they went a mere 2-4 in non-division conference games and 1-3 against the AFC in a year that the NFC as a whole was +14 against the AFC.  Detroit was 4-4 before losing their last eight games, and Arizona was 4-0 before losing 11 of their last 12 games.  If the entire season had been played with regular refs (and assuming no other outcomes change), the 6 NFC playoff teams would have been the same, and Seattle would still have been seeded 5th on tiebreaking with Minnesota (but entered today with a chance to miss the playoffs with a loss), Green Bay would have been the #2 seed (and entered today with a chance at the #1 seed) and San Francisco would have had the division clinched before today but been locked into the #3 seed.

And the schedule for the playoffs:

Saturday January 5th at 4:30pm on NBC: Cincinnati @ Houston

Saturday January 5th at 8pm on NBC: Minnesota @ Green Bay

Sunday January 6th at 1pm on CBS: Indianapolis @ Baltimore

Sunday January 6th at 4:30pm on Fox: Seattle @ Washington

Saturday January 12th at 4:30pm on CBS: Lowest AFC seed @ Denver

Saturday January 12th at 8pm on Fox: Higher NFC seed @ San Francisco

Sunday January 13th at 1pm on Fox: Lower NFC seed @ Atlanta

Sunday January 13th at 4:30pm on CBS: Higher AFC seed @ New England

Sunday January 20th at 3pm on Fox: NFC Championship Game

Sunday January 20th at 6:30pm on CBS: AFC Championship Game

Sunday February 3rd at 6:25pm on CBS: @ New Orleans Super Bowl XLVII


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