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Final NFL Conference Standings & Playoff Schedule

January 2, 2012


1. New England (13-3)

2. Baltimore (12-4) (head-to-head on Pittsburgh for division rank)

3. Houston (10-6)

4. Denver (8-8) (record against opponents common with San Diego & Oakland for division rank)

5. Pittsburgh (12-4)

6. Cincinnati (9-7) (head-to-head on Tennessee)

Cincinnati @ Houston Saturday January 7th at 4:30pm on NBC (Tom Hammond & Mike Mayock). Pittsburgh @ Denver Sunday January 8th at 4:30pm on CBS (Jim Nantz & Phil Simms). Lower winning seed @ New England Saturday January 14th at 8pm on CBS (Nantz & Simms). Higher winning seed @ Baltimore Sunday January 15th at 1pm on CBS (Greg Gumbel & Dan Dierdorf). Lower seed @ higher seed Sunday January 22nd at 3pm on CBS (Nantz & Simms).  AFC champion will be “home” team in Super Bowl at Indianapolis Sunday February 5th at 6:25pm on NBC (Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth).

7. Tennessee

8. New York (8-8) (head-to-head on San Diego [conference record on Oakland for division rank])

9. San Diego

10. Oakland

11. Kansas City (7-9)

12. Miami (6-10) (head-to-head on Buffalo)

13. Buffalo

14. Jacksonville (5-11)

15. Cleveland (4-12)

16. Indianapolis (2-14)

A few facts that may interest only me:

The Bengals went 0-7 against playoff teams & 9-0 against non-playoff teams.

All AFC West divisional matchups were head-to-head splits.

New York Jets not only finished with a .500 overall record, they also were .500 in division games, .500 against opponents common to everyone in the AFC East, and .500 in both conference and non-conference games.

San Diego finished with the best record in conference games amongst AFC West teams.  However, record against common opponents is a more primary tiebreaker in division ties because all but two games are common (versus all but four games being within the conference), and on that level Denver finished with a 1 game lead on both San Diego & Oakland.

Baltimore was the only AFC team to win all 6 division games, and Cleveland was the only AFC team to lose all 6 division games.  Pittsburgh also swept Cincinnati, meaning the division records followed a very rational 6-0, 4-2, 2-4, 0-6 progression, the only division in the NFL to do so.

Tennessee was the only team in either conference to have a winning record and fail to make the playoffs.


1. Green Bay (15-1)

2. San Francisco (13-3) (record in conference games tiebreaker on New Orleans)

3. New Orleans

4. New York (9-7)

5. Atlanta (10-6) (head-to-head tiebreaker on Detroit)

6. Detroit

Detroit @ New Orleans Saturday January 7th at 8pm on NBC (Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth). Atlanta @ New York Sunday January 8th at 1pm on Fox (Joe Buck & Troy Aikman). Higher winning seed @ San Francisco Saturday January 14th at 4:30pm on Fox (Kenny Albert, Moose, & Goose). Lower winning seed at Green Bay Sunday January 15th at 4:30pm (Buck & Aikman). Lower seed @ higher seed Sunday January 22nd at 6:30pm on Fox (Buck & Aikman). NFC champion will be “road” team in Super Bowl at Indianapolis Sunday February 5th at 6:25pm on NBC (Michaels & Collinsworth).

7. Chicago (8-8) (conference record drops Philadelphia [head-to-head on Dallas for division rank] from 3-way tie, then record against opponents common with Arizona)

8. Arizona (head-to-head on Philadelphia)

9. Philadelphia

10. Dallas

11. Seattle (7-9)

12. Carolina (6-10)

13. Washington (5-11)

14. Tampa Bay (4-12)

15. Minnesota (3-13)

16. St. Louis (2-14)

A few facts that may interest only me:

New York won the division despite only going 5-7 in conference games; 2-4 in conference games outside division games.

Philadelphia failed to win the division despite going 5-1 against their NFC East compatriots; they were 3-7 in non-division games.

Green Bay was the only NFC team to win all 6 division games; Minnesota & St. Louis both lost all 6 of their division games.

St. Louis went 2-14 & New Orleans went 13-3. However, one of the Rams wins was also one of the Saints losses, at the Superdome no less.

The NFC North went 4-0 in power matches against the NFC East; the same thing happened between North & East divisions in the AFC.

The NFC ended up +2 against the AFC in cross-conference games this season.  Which is to say, if only one NFC win had been turned into an AFC win, the season conference series would have been dead even.

Green Bay only lost one game this season, and it was to a Kansas City team that finished last in its division.

All 8 teams that finished last in their divisions had the worst (or tied worst) record in division games within their divisions.