NFL Standings & Week 12 TV Maps for Tri-State Area

Being Thanksgiving we have a Thursday tripleheader.  At 12:30pm Fox will have Green Bay @ Detroit with Joe Buck & Troy Aikman.  At 4:15pm CBS will have Miami @ Dallas with Jim Nantz & Phil Simms.  And at 8:20 the NFL Network will have San Francisco @ Baltimore with Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock.  On Sunday afternoon CBS has the doubleheader.  At 1pm all local affiliates will show Cleveland @ Cincinnati with Bill Macatee and Steve Tasker.  All local Fox affiliates will wait until 4:05pm to show Chicago @ Oakland with Kenny Albert, Moose, & Goose.  At 4:15pm all local CBS affiliates will show New England @ Philadelphia with Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf.  And of course the NFL Red Zone Channel will offer its customary continuous live whip around the league all afternoon Sunday.  The Sunday Night game on NBC is Pittsburgh @ Kansas City with Al Micahels and Cris Collinsworth, and the Monday Night game on ESPN is the NY Giants @ New Orleans with Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden.  As always this info from and subject to change.  Enjoy the games.

And below are the current conference standings; I will divide both conferences into the current playoff roster (teams 1-6), teams that are “in the hunt” (6 or fewer losses), and then teams playing out the schedule (7 or more losses).  Also there are a couple teams that can clinch playoff spots this weekend, and I’ll attach that info at the bottom.  So starting w/ the AFC:

Playoff Seed:

1. Houston (7-3) (conference record drops Baltimore from 3-way tie, then record against opponents common vs New England)

2. New England (conference record on Baltimore)

3. Baltimore (head-to-head tiebreaker on Pittsburgh for division rank)

4. Oakland (6-4)

5. Pittsburgh (7-3)

6. Cincinnati (6-4)

If the playoffs started today it would be Cincinnati @ Baltimore & Pittsburgh @ Oakland on wildcard weekend. New England would play the highest winner & Houston the lowest winner on divisional weekend.

In the Hunt

7. Denver (5-5) (conference record on New York [ head-to-head on Buffalo for divisional rank] & Tennessee)

8. Tennessee (conference record on New York)

9. New York

10. Buffalo

11. San Diego (4-6) [record vs opponents common for division rank on Kansas City], then strength of victory on Cleveland

12. Cleveland (conference record on Kansas City)

13. Kansas City

Playing Out the String

14. Jacksonville (3-7) (conference record on Miami)

15. Miami

16. Indianapolis (0-10)

As you can see using the rubric of including all the teams that can theoretically end up 10-6 or better fully 13 of the 16 teams in the AFC are still alive as we enter Thanksgiving, and it could be noted that Jacksonville and Miami are both also technically alive should a playoff spot fall to 9-7.  With Cincinnati, New York, Buffalo, Tennessee, San Diego, and Kansas City all losing in Week 11 its a possibility, though not a likelihood.  New England is in excellent shape to win the East at this point, and Houston is in a strong position in the South if they can maintain with Matt Leinart at quarterback.  The North figures to be a dog fight to the end with the 2nd and quite possibly the 3rd team looking great for wildcards.  Its an important game in Cincinnati Sunday; the Bengals need a win to make sure they maintain a solid playoff position, and the Browns need to string together wins to stay in the playoff hunt.  Out west Oakland is obviously in the best shape having the game lead on Denver, and last week’s losing does mean that 2nd place in the West has more of a chance for a wildcard than it has looked in weeks, though its still not likely.

And in the NFC:

Playoff Seeds

1. Green Bay (10-0)

2. San Francisco (9-1)

3. New Orleans (7-3)

4. Dallas (6-4) (division record on New York for division lead)

5. Detroit (7-3) (division record on Chicago for division rank)

6. Chicago

If the playoffs started right now it would be Chicago @ New Orleans and Detroit @ Dallas on wildcard weekend, with Green Bay hosting the lowest winner and San Francisco the highest winner divisional weekend

In the Hunt

7. Atlanta (6-4)  (conference record on New York)

8. New York

9. Seattle (4-6) (conference record on Philadelphia & Tampa Bay)

10. Philadelphia (conference record on Tampa Bay)

11. Tampa Bay

Playing Out the String

12. Washington (3-7) (head-to-head on Arizona)

13. Arizona

14. Minnesota (2-8) (conference record on Carolina & St. Louis)

15. St. Louis (strength of victory on Carolina)

16. Carolina

11 teams still listed as in the hunt, but with 3 teams at 4-6 and the #6 seed currently being 7-3, it looks more realistically like 8 teams for 6 spots, though it can be noted Philadelphia is still very alive in the division race.  Currently 3-1 in division games they would be in strong position to hold tiebreakers if they can catch the Giants and Cowboys who they currently trail by two games each.  Chicago was dealt a blow this week with the injury to Jay Cutler; they hold good tiebreakers and a 1 game lead so a 3-3 finish might be enough.  San Francisco & Green Bay actually have ways they can clinch a playoff spot this week:

San Francisco clinches the NFC West:

1) win & Seattle loss or tie OR

2) tie & Seattle loss

Green Bay clinches a playoff spot:

1) win & Dallas loss or tie & Atlanta loss OR

2) win & Dallas loss or tie & New Orleans loss OR

3) win & New York loss or tie & Atlanta loss

Thanks for reading!


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