GOP in Wisconsin Trying to Destroy the Democratic Party

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC explains it much better and more thoroughly than I could:

The sad thing, the angle that Maddow leaves out, is the large numbers of “little people” who should be on the Democrats’ side of fights like this one are instead so blinded by rage at government excess that they joined the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party and are aiding monied interests in their attempts to take America back to the Gilded Age.  Democrats in Wisconsin, Ohio, and elsewhere are fighting an uphill battle until they do a much better job of getting working class whites to see the many good things government does for them and to look out more for their own economic self-interest and worry less about sideshow social issues.  Or perhaps until current demographic trends continue, but that is a separate and much longer-term discussion.


One Response to “GOP in Wisconsin Trying to Destroy the Democratic Party”

  1. Brian Saxton Says:

    The “little people” are the ones who have to pay the bill for government services, and cast their votes in 2010 for a party that has at least a vague notion that it might be a good idea to provide them in a somewhat cost-effective manner. That is their economic self-interest and they see it very well.

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