Super Bowl XLV

Presumably you already know that Green Bay won the game 31-25.  A few random thoughts:

Obviously the 3 turnovers, and the fact Green Bay got the maximum 21 points off of them, was huge.  The Steelers came remarkably close to overcoming it, but that’s a big hole against a good team.  Of the 3 turnovers, only 1 I thought was the Steelers fault, the 2nd interception Ben didn’t see the defensive back in position to undercut the route.  The pick 6 was a good play by the pass rush hitting his arm as he threw.  And perhaps the most crippling turnover, the Mendenhall fumble when the Steelers were 30 yards from taking the lead, was simply a good play by Clay Matthews putting his helmet on the ball.

Speaking of turnovers, I can’t help wondering if the game would have been different if the Steelers recover the muffed fumble on the 4th play of the game?

Aaron Rodgers is good.  Several times, including the big 3rd & 10 conversion that let them get the last field goal and bleed the clock down to 2 minutes, he fit downfield throws into very tight windows.  The Packers win this game by 2 or 3 scores if not for several dropped passes by his receivers.

The Steelers offensive line actually held up pretty good for the most part.  It was not a perfect game to be sure, but it was better than I feared it would be.

What’s up with all the injuries in this game?  A lot of guys got hurt on the ground, most notably Driver’s foot and Woodson’s collarbone, which was broken just landing after defending a pass.  Also Roethlisberger tweaked his knee just planting to throw a ball.  Bizarre.  Was the field unusually hard and slick because of the cold weather in Dallas?

My suspicion is Polamalu was hurt worse than anyone has been willing to let on the past two months.  He was a non-factor the entire playoffs.  To be fair, James Harrison wasn’t much of a factor this evening, either.

Even if Wallace catches that 4th down pass to keep the game alive, that clock drive wasn’t looking like a success story in the making.  Sluggish pace and a lot of confusion.

Any number of solid commercials during the game today, ads that made you chuckle, but no all time greats, pretty much par for the recent course.  But I think the quality of the ads tends to be inversely proportional to the quality of the game.   The ads are more memorable when that’s what you’re primarily watching for by the end of the 1st half.  The Bud Light series of ads were good, the 4 year old boy as Darth Vader was cute, there were several other solid ads.

The Black Eyed Peas are not my favorite style of music; I was happier when we went thru the post-wardrobe malfunction classic rock phase, but I thought the show was watchable.  My sense was it was produced by the same people responsible for Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.  The people towards the end with cubes for heads was probably the funniest thing all night.  Also gained an appreciation for Usher’s level of athleticism; he bounced up off the ground better than most of the players tonight!

My early guess for the Packers opponent to start the 2011 season is Chicago.  Unless the Bears weanie out of it like Baltimore did two years ago.  The Packers play the entire NFC South next season so whoever of Atlanta, New Orleans, and Tampa they have at home could also make sense.

Of course, the above paragraph assumes we have football as of the Thursday after Labor Day 2011.  At present my assumption is they will work out a new CBA in time for that assumption to be valid.  There will be a lockout for awhile as March 4th to me is a completely arbitrary “deadline”.  The actual deadline is around Bastille Day.  An agreement by then would allow for a regular training camp/preaseason/regular season schedule.  If it gets into August that’s when it gets dicey.  Hopefully we have football on schedule.


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