NFL Standings After Week 11

Here are the current standings breakdowns, starting with the AFC:

1. New York (8-2) (head-to-head on New England for division)

2. Baltimore (7-3) (head-to-head on Pittsburgh for division)

3. Kansas City (6-4) (head-to-head on Jacksonville)

4. Jacksonville (6-4) (head-to-head on Indianapolis for division)

5. New England (8-2)

6. Pittsburgh (7-3)

Alive in AFC

7. Indianapolis (6-4)

8. Oakland (5-5) (head-to-head on San Diego within division, conference record on Miami & Tennessee)

9. San Diego (conference record on Miami & Tennessee)

10. Miami (head-to-head on Tennessee)

11. Tennessee

By a thread in AFC

12. Houston (4-6)

Planning for 2010 in AFC

13. Cleveland (3-7) (conference record on Denver)

14. Denver

15. Buffalo (2-8) (head-to-head on Cincinnati)

16. Cincinnati

If no one in the Jets, Patriots, Ravens, and Steelers quadrangle sputter down the stretch the AFC playoff picture boils down to seeding and slotting a winner of the South and West.  However, if multiple teams in either or both of the South and West finish strong and someone in that quadrangle does sputter then things could become more cluttered.  Of those teams the most vulnerable is Pittsburgh as they lost to Baltimore and New England.  Of course, they beat Miami, Tennessee, and Oakland.  One still has to favor the Colts in the South, probably even if they lose to San Diego this coming Sunday night.  The West is a 3 team race; the Chiefs are currently a game better but Oakland has a perfect division record and the Chargers arguably the most talent.


1. Atlanta (8-2)

2. Philadelphia (7-3) (conference record on Chicago)

3. Chicago

4. Seattle (5-5)

5. New Orleans (7-3) (head-to-head on Tampa in division standings, conference record on Green Bay)

6. Green Bay/Tampa Bay (identical conference records tie would be resolved by records against common opponents, and if that is tied strength of victory)

Alive in the NFC

7. Tampa Bay/Green Bay (see above)

8. New York (6-4)

9. Washington (5-5)

By a thread in NFC

10. St. Louis (4-6) (“alive” in division race)

Planning for 2010 in NFC

11. Minnesota (3-7) (conference record on Dallas and San Francisco)

12. Dallas (conference record on San Francisco)

13. San Francisco (division record on Arizona) (“by a thread” in division race)

14. Arizona (“by a thread” in division race)

15. Detroit (2-8)

16. Carolina (1-9)

The NFC West is a muddled mess of mediocrity.  Outside of that you have 8 teams vying for the 5 playoff spots that will go to good teams, with Washington the most up against it at this point.  However the Redskins have strong tiebreaking numbers if they get on a winning streak.  Teams in the East and North all play each other; for example the Bears and Eagles this weekend, whereas teams in the South may be helped by getting to play the teams in the West; for example the 3 good South teams all played and won against teams from the West last weekend.


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