NFL Standings After Week 10

We have cycled thru everyone’s byes so we no longer have half game differences here and there; everyone has played 9 games.  Here are the updated standings, starting with the AFC:

1. New York (7-2, head-to-head on New England for division)

2. Baltimore (6-3, conference record on Indianapolis)

3. Indianapolis

4. Oakland (5-4, head-to-head on Kansas City for division)

5. New England (7-2)

6. Pittsburgh (6-3)

Alive in AFC

7. Kansas City (5-4, 4-4 in conference)

8. Miami (5-4, head-to-head on Tennessee)

9. Tennessee (head-to-head on Jacksonville)

10. Jacksonville

11. San Diego (4-5, head-to-head on Houston)

12. Houston

In Trouble in AFC

13. Cleveland (3-6, 2-4 in conference)

14. Denver

Planning for 2010 in AFC

15. Cincinnati (2-7)

16. Buffalo (1-8)

The current situation for spots 7-10 in the AFC are a good illustration of the value of being ranked higher in your division.  Jacksonville has a better conference record than anyone else in the tie and could be in a playoff position if Pittsburgh lost one more conference game.  However, they lost their head-to-head meeting with Tennessee and is therefor stuck behind the Titans in the conference standings.  As Kansas City has a better conference record than the Titans and they just lost a matchup with the Dolphins, the Jags end up worst ranked of the 5-4 teams.

At the top of the standings there are exactly 5 teams at 6-3 or better holding the 5 playoff spots that don’t go to the winner of the West.  Pittsburgh is in the more vulnerable spot having lost the first matchup with Baltimore and having lost to New England.  However, they have a decent hold on 6th given they have head-to-head wins over both Miami and Tennessee right behind them.  Indianapolis could be in trouble if they take any more losses in the South; on the other hand winning  the Tennessee games should secure them the division title.


1. Atlanta (7-2)

2. New York (6-3, conference record on Philadelphia for division, on Chicago)

3. Chicago (6-3, head-to-head on Green Bay for division)

4. Seattle (5-4)

5. New Orleans (6-3, head-to-head on Tampa, conference record on Green Bay and Philadelphia)

6. Green Bay/Philadelphia/Tampa (6-3, 4-2 in conference games [this tie would go to strength of victory as Packers beat Eagles but neither has played {or will play} Tampa])

Alive in NFC

7/8. Green Bay/Philadelphia/Tampa (see above)

9. Washington (4-5, conference record on St. Louis)

10. St. Louis

By a Thread in NFC

11. Minnesota (3-6, conference record on San Francisco)

12. San Francisco (division tiebreaking on Arizona)

13. Arizona

Planning for 2010 in NFC

14. Detroit (2-7, conference record on Dallas)

15. Dallas

16. Carolina (1-8)

There are 7 teams at 6-3 or better in the NFC; there is still time for things to change but it is starting to appear that those 7 teams are vying for the 5 playoff spots not going to the winner of the NFC West.  Atlanta is obviously in a good spot being the only 7-2 team in the conference but it wouldn’t take much to slip them down to 3rd in their own division.  The teams in the South have the potential advantage of remaining games with both West divisions while the teams in the East and North could be beating up on each other.


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