NFL Standings After Week 7

At this time I will still simply list both conferences 1-16.  These rankings put the division leaders in spots 1-4 like they would be come playoff time, and uses standard NFL wildcard ranking and tiebreaking procedures to rank 5-16.  As soon as next week I’ll put divisions in the 5-16 to mark teams as being out or in critical condition; it won’t be mathematical for awhile but simply based on the fact that teams almost never get a wildcard with more than 7 losses, and a lot of times even 7 is too many.  Heck the way the AFC is trending early it would not shock me if 11-5 is not good enough for someone a la New England in 2008.  Anyhow, here are the standings, starting with the AFC:

1. New York

2. Pittsburgh

3. Tennessee

4. Kansas City

5. New England

6. Baltimore

7. Houston

8. Indianapolis

9. Miami

10/11. Oakland/Jacksonville

12. Cincinnati

13. Cleveland

14. Denver

15. San Diego

16. Buffalo


1. New York

2. Atlanta

3. Seattle

4. Chicago

5. Tampa

6. Washington

7. New Orleans

8. Green Bay

9. Philadelphia

10. Arizona

11. St. Louis

12. Minnesota

13. Carolina

14. Detroit

15. Dallas

16. San Francisco

Interesting to note that currently both defending conference champions would miss the playoffs, and the Jets are the only defending final four team that would qualify.  Of course, the Colts are only 1/2 game out in their division and the Saints are in a tie for the 6th seed and 1 game back in their division, hardly irretrievable positions.  Perhaps also eye-catching is to note the two teams in 15th, ie, next to last: San Diego and Dallas.


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