Potters Sit 4th at Halfway Mark

According to Joe Eitel the Potters are 4th in Region 11 with an 8.750 average after 5 games.  Obviously there is a lot of football to play (5 games to be exact) between now and the important numbers that OHSAA will announce Halloween Day, but the Potters sit in a good position right now.  Remember, the top 8 in each region make the playoffs with the top 4 getting first round home games.  Looking at the Potters remaining schedule 4 of the 5 teams currently have a winning record and 3 of the 5 are in the same or a larger division than the Potters (D3) and those other two schools are only one division lower.  Obviously things are not absolute; the final numbers will be relative to those of the other schools in the region, but most likely if the Potters win 3 of the 5 they’ll have a legit shot of making the playoffs; winning 4 or all 5 would be good shape for a home game.

If anyone is curious, the formula for ranking teams in a region in Ohio is really quite simple.  Its based on who you beat and who the teams you beat, beat.  A D1 school is worth 6 points, D2 is 5.5 and etc down to 3.5 for D6.  Add those points and divide by the number of games you’ve played and that’s your level 1 points.  For level 2 points, take your defeated opponents’ level 1 points, multiply by 10, and divide by the number of games all of your opponents have played or will play by the end of the Ohio season (this number is 100 unless teams on your schedule have byes and/or you had a bye).  Then add your level 1 and level 2 points for your combined average.  For example East Liverpool has 21 level 1 points divided by 5 games is 4.2.   They have45.5 level 2 points, which multiplied by 10 then divided by 100 (no byes for teams played so far) is 4.55, for a combined 8.750.

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