NFL TV Maps Week 4 Pittsburgh/Youngstown/Wheeling

Its a rather fractured map this coming Sunday.  Fox** has 1 game this weekend; Youngstown will show a 1pm game opposite the Steelers and Browns, with that being Detroit @ Minnesota with Kenny Albert, Moose, and Goose.  Pittsburgh and Wheeling will wait until 4:05pm to show Washington @ St. Louis with Dick Stockton, Charles Davis, and Jim Mora, Jr.  On CBS both Pittsburgh and Wheeling at 1pm will show Pittsburgh @ Tampa with Gus Johnson (sigh) and Steve Tasker while WKBN Youngstown, after some outcry last week* will show Cleveland @ Baltimore with Don Criqui and Steve Beuerlein.  There is unanimity on CBS at 4:15pm with all local affiliates joining the vast majority of the country in showing Indianapolis @ Denver with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.  And as per usual the NFL Red Zone Channel will be on air commercial free all Sunday afternoon with its customary continuous live whip around the NFL.  The Sunday Night game on NBC is the Jets @ Miami with Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth and the Monday Night game on ESPN is Green Bay @ Chicago with Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, and Jon Gruden.  As usual this info is from and subject to change.

* Apparently WKBN’s hands were tied with regards to their decision to show the Steelers and not the Browns last Sunday.  Youngstown is a secondary market of both Pittsburgh and Cleveland.  Ordinarily WKBN will show the Browns and not the Steelers when both are on CBS in the same timeslot.  However, there is a provision in the broadcast rules that I was unaware of that dictated that in cities that are secondary markets of both teams and one team is at home (the Browns were) and another team is on the road (the Steelers were) they must show the road team.  This rule is to protect the ticket sales of the home team irregardless of whether said team sold out their game, which the Browns did.

**UPDATE** Ignore everything said above for the local Fox affiliates in Pittsburgh and Youngstown.  Both of them have changed, and now will carry a 4:05pm game, and it will be Philadelphia @ Jacksonville with Ron Pitts and John Lynch.  Wheeling remains on the Washington game.

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  1. Brian Says:

    Gus Johnson is awesome!


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