Potters Outlast Beavers

16-10 2OT was the final score at Patterson Field.  Junior sensation Marky Thompkins carried the ball the final 6 yards after an interception had halted Beaver Local’s possession in the 2nd overtime.

In regulation the Potters started the game with a defensive stop before marching the ball down the field, scoring on a Willie Leavell run from about 20 yards out.  The 2nd drive, early in the 2nd quarter, was promising but stalled after a dead ball personal foul backed them up and forced a punt that went for a touchback.  Beaver Local had the better of the play in the 2nd half, but they had one drive fail inside the 20 (I thought they should have kicked a field goal that could’ve eventually let them win 10-7) before finally scoring in the last 2 1/2 minutes of regulation.  The Potters attempted to rally for a winning score but fumbled a snap at the 25 yard line of Beaver Local in the final minute.

In the 1st overtime the Potters were immediately pushed back by a holding call and a sack, but Thompkins managed to scramble out of the pocket to get the ball back to the original line of scrimmage, the 20, which was close enough for a field goal.  Beaver Local had goal to go on their possession but stalled and had to take a field goal to extend the game.

I think the Potters offense is really close to being good. Quite frankly, I thought we tried to throw the ball entirely too infrequently, going with designed quarterback draws hoping for a home run on Thompkins legs.  But a Rich Wright coached defense is good at run defense.  When we looked to throw the ball there was success more consistently.  Of course, to throw the ball it helps if your line is blocking people.  I was a bit dismayed at the play of the offensive line.  On the other hand, the defense played with a lot of spunk.  Beaver Local got yards; I don’t recall a 3-and-out the entire game.  But they did a good job of stiffening to force 4th down conversion attempts and punts (or the field goal) most of the game.  The Beavers are better than the 1-9 they posted last year I think; they also have a good passing game if Coach Wright will relent and use it more.

So the Potters are 1-0 and will take their act on the road next Friday night to Carrollton at 7:30pm


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