Martin Kaymer Wins PGA

Well, certainly no one will accuse Sunday afternoon at Whistling Straights of being boring!  First of all I would hope that Kaymer’s strong play today in getting his 1st major championship doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  I of course am being naive in that hope, but he played very well shooting a final round 70 in windy conditions to get into a playoff with Bubba Watson and . . .

. . . not Dustin Johnson.  I recognize that Pete Dye designed that to be a sand bunker and I understand where the PGA of America is coming from in saying that this eventuality was covered in the local rules sheet they gave the competitors and on the signs they hung in the locker room.  And Johnson should probably realize that anytime he is hitting off of sand the safe thing to do is to not ground his club.  However, to me, any patch of ground outside the ropes that has been walked thru all week by galleries, has no rake, and has no lines marking it as a hazard, is not a hazard, and I really feel for Johnson.

As for the playoff Bubba can say afterwards he has no regrets, but he had to play that 2nd shot on 18 up the right side where there is a runway if it comes up short.  Failing that, he had the option to drop in the fairway keeping a point between where it crossed into the hazard and where he hit the shot.  That would have been a comfortable 8 or 9 iron and a much more realistic chance of knocking on the green and making a bogey that would’ve sent things into sudden death (into fast fading daylight).

An insane number of people had a chance to win this thing.  Heck, Phil Mickelson had it to -7 going to #15 about 2pm.  It obviously didn’t happen, but a miracle finish could have got him in the picture.  Rory McIlroy was so close; he had a lot of putts burn the edge today to miss the playoff by 1.  We once said the same thing about Sergio Garcia but you’ve got to think winning multiple majors is just a matter of time for him.  Where did Steve Elkington come from?  If not for that horrible break bounding over the green on 17 he might have won this thing.

Then of course there was the guy that entered the day with a 3 shot lead, Nick Watney.  He shot 81 today.  He might be the guy that caught the biggest break today with the Dustin Johnson situation.  No one will be talking about him.

If you want to read the official release from the PGA of America with regards to Dustin Johnson:

Dustin Johnson was assessed a two-stroke penalty today upon the completion of the final round of the 92nd PGA Championship, for grounding his club in a bunker on the 18th hole at Whistling Straits.
The penalty dropped Johnson to a finishing score of 9-under-par 279 and he was not eligible to compete in a three-hole aggregate playoff to determine the 2010 Champion.
The following is the wording that was made available to all competitors by The PGA of America Rules Committee, as a Local Rule for the 92nd PGA Championship:
Bunkers: All areas of the course that were designed and built as sand bunkers will be played as bunkers (hazards), whether or not they have been raked. This will mean that many bunkers positioned outside of the ropes, as well as some areas of bunkers inside the ropes, close to the rope line, will likely include numerous footprints, heel prints and tire tracks during the play of the Championship. Such irregularities of surface are a part of the game and no free relief will be available from these conditions.


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