Dick Morris Came to Columbiana County

And yet, we are told, its the members of the media on the Journolist listserv that are the only ones with weak ethics:


I wonder how much Morris was paid for his stop in Hanoverton?  And, for the record, I have read independent news stories that state the national GOP is not putting money into the Charlie Wilson or Zach Space defeat efforts even though those are districts McCain carried in ’08, for what that is worth.


One Response to “Dick Morris Came to Columbiana County”

  1. Nick Says:

    Charlie Wilson will cruise to reelection absent a dead girl/live boy kind of situation. As for Space, he personally is not especially likely to lose, but in any kind of GOP wave (ie. 25 seats +) a handful of representatives in a similar position to him will lose (although, I should note I suspect his district will be the one 86-ed by reapportionment, so it may not matter that much one way or the other).

    In Ohio, the interesting race is Ohio 16. This is a historically GOP district that has been trending purple, and is the kind of suburban district the Republicans need to win back if they are going to defeat enough incumbents nationally to retake the House (the misguided hopes of some of the lefty side of the blogosphere aside, not that many rural Blue Dogs are going to lose reelection). (Ohio 1 will flip back to the GOP because it only flipped in the first place due to Obama driving black turnout that won’t repeat itself…until 2012, when Dreihus probably wins it back and Chabot and him officially become the new Baron Hill/Mike Sodrel. Ohio 15 will flip because Kilroy is a shit campaigner who barely pulled it out in 2008 despite Obama winning Franklin County by almost 150,000 votes. Ohio 13 is unlikely to flip because Tom Ganley’s only real strength appears to be an ability to self-fund, which normally isn’t a winning formula, especially in a district with a modest-but-clear Democratic lean.)

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