Creamer Tames Oakmont

And in so doing claims the US Women’s Open title that she has craved for years.  Excellent play all weekend; she had to play the majority of her 2nd round Saturday morning and had to play 23 holes today after the heavy rain that pelted Allegheny County Friday afternoon, and she had to do so on a sore thumb still recovering from surgery.  Despite all this and a course that was a bear for most of the field, she managed to shoot a -3 when no one else could manage even par.  At various times it looked like the likes of Cristie Kerr and Suzanne Petterson could claim the trophy, but Creamer outlasted them all.  Congrats to the Pink Panther of women’s golf!

Of course, the schedule shows how far down the pecking order women’s golf has slid in recent years.  NBC signed off on Saturday at 6pm despite the fact that, to get as close to on schedule as possible, play was going to continue until darkness.  Its not like NBC had anything else to show, they just punted it to their affiliates and the normal Saturday evening summertime schedule.  It didn’t get punted to ESPN2 who was too busy killing time with poker.  It didn’t get punted to the Golf Channel even, who was only showing a studio show.  Oh well.


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