Lebron Starts a South Beach Diet

I might be the only person on the blogosphere discussing this topic this evening, so I’ll try to hit all the high points.

I couldn’t help noticing that Lebron looked a bit uneasy this evening.  I don’t think he’s fully convinced he made the right decision.  Given that he had obviously given up on the Cavaliers situation for whatever reason.  If he considered them a valid option, he would have stayed there.

Given that was leaving Cleveland, I’m not sure that Miami was his best option.  Yes he, Wade, and Bosh make a great menage a trois, but there is no room under the cap for the Heat to go out and get the Robert Horry or Derek Fisher or Steve Kerr that is usually necessary to win a title.  Maybe the 3 superstars and 9 role players can pull it off.  They, assuming good health, should be in the upper echelon consistently.  But I fear the 3 of them will have to have a combined 80 points a game too often for it work between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

I think the best fit for him would have been Chicago.  Boozer, Rose, Noah, et al I think that team would’ve been the overnight favorite at least to win the East (I know my friend Nick disagrees).

Obviously with this decision Lebron is saying that it doesn’t matter much to him whether he’s Batman or Robin.  He was obviously Batman, would have been Batman in Chicago or New York.  In Miami Dwayne Wade is Batman.

This is a devastating decision for Cleveland.  I am a fan of the Cavaliers but its more tangential, being primarily a Pittsburgh guy that grew up a Bird-Celtics fan but always had loyalty to the Cavs being the most local team, so there are others better able to speak on the emotions of this.  The emotions will be very raw in Cleveland, especially if people notice how similar Lebron’s quote of, “My heart will always be in Cleveland” is to Art Modell’s, “I left a piece of my heart in Cleveland” when he took the Browns to Baltimore.    Speaking personally with a Pittsburgh analogy I was very angry at Barry Bonds when he left.  I disliked him strongly, and the last image of him as a Pirate being the failure to throw out Sid Bream trying to score from 2nd base certainly didn’t help him.  Only 15 years and a counter-reaction to the vitriol Bonds took from the overly-puritanical bender the national media has been on with regards to steroids in baseball got me to soften my opinion of Bonds somewhat.  There will be many Cavaliers fans that will never be able to forgive Lebron for betraying them.  At least for several years it could very well be true in Lebron’s case the old adage you can never go home again.  It will not be a pleasant scene the first time the Heat visit Cleveland next season that is for sure.

But in the long run Lebron made a business decision, pure and simple.  Obviously only time will tell on how it plays out for him.


One Response to “Lebron Starts a South Beach Diet”

  1. Damo Says:

    I am doubting that the three of them can coexist on the floor in Miami. I do not think they will win any championships here and within two or three years we will hear about the bust in Miami and the fans in Miami will definitely return to their apathy toward sports.

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