Interesting Day at Work

Not sure why but every DirecTV hddvr receiver wasn’t working this morning.  Then, presumably b/c of the incredibly high volume of calls, the automated phone system crashed.  There were times today that we couldn’t execute direct transfer of calls to technical or retention because their lines were busy.  So our reps had to field a lot more tech calls than usual, at least to tell people to unplug their receiver for 15 seconds twice.  That sometimes worked, sometimes the customer would change the channel and it would lock up again.  Hopefully DirecTV will be able to do a software download to correct the problem quickly.

***UPDATE*** doing some research at home this evening it seems DirecTV issued a release around the time I left work this afternoon saying a transmission error was to blame and the issue had been resolved.  Of course, the releases are also saying “some” hd dvr’s may be affected, my understanding internally was it was all of them.


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