NFL Sunday Ticket 2010 Prices

Customers of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package will begin seeing auto renewal notices on the first bill sent on/after May 26th.  Here is a brief rundown of the prices:

1)       The auto renew rate for this coming season will be 6 installments of $49.99, which comes out to $299.94 for the season.  Assuming continuous service, the charges would be billed from July until December.

2)       Early Bird rate for Sunday Ticket will be 7 installments of $44.99 ($314.93 for the season) for customers that did not have the Sunday Ticket last season but order it new this season during the summer months.

3)       Super Fan does not exist anymore.  Super Fan features such as games in HD, game mix, the Red Zone Channel, etc will be included in Sunday Ticket (HD Access required for HD games).

4)       There is a new service this season called “To Go”.  It will cost $9.99 for 5 months ($49.95 for season) and will allow subscribers to have NFL Sunday Ticket service to their mobile phone or computer.

5)       Customers that had Super Fan at regular price in 2009 will be auto-renewed into the To Go service.

6)      Customers that do not want the service this season must call to cancel before Week 1 of the regular season September 12th.  Any charges already billed would be credited in full if service is cancelled in a timely fashion.  Expect the DirecTV phone representative to try to resell the value of Sunday Ticket, however.  If the customer’s concern is cost the rep will be willing to work with you.

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