Potters Name Conley Coach

2001 ELHS grad Nate Conley to be the new boys’ basketball coach at East Liverpool:


So now the coaches of both genders are younger than me.  Oh well.  I think its a good move to get someone off of the Nick Aloi coaching tree.  He was a very solid player in his time at the Fieldhouse, and followed it with a good career at Geneva College, and several years as an assistant coach at the small college level.  On the other hand, he has no high school coaching experience, or head coaching experience.  As such, having an old hand like Solterbeck on the staff could be a real asset.

I’m sure some in the community will make the obvious comparison to Beaver Local coach Jake Walgate, who was a teammate of Conley’s at East Liverpool, and then mention Walgate’s struggles.  Of course, he hasn’t had a ton  of basketball talent to work with at the Beaver Dome.

Either way Conley certainly will have some talent to work with next season, but also some challenges.  Marky Thompkins is a legit college-level talent that will be a junior next season.  Hopefully Conley can get Jason Dickey to care about basketball again for his senior season.  Brian Beverly should be recovered from his knee injury.  But the Potters don’t have a ton of apparent depth, especially in the low post.  Frankly, playing a Villanova style “all guards” lineup might be the way they have to go, with Derek Thompson playing a pseudo-post.  I look forward to seeing what Conley can come up with come December.


2 Responses to “Potters Name Conley Coach”

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