Pens Claim Game 1

6-3 over the Montreal Canadiens.  A solid win, but there are some concerns moving forward for the Penguins:

1) They can’t count on getting 4 power play goals every game, obviously.

2) They can’t count on Halat playing that shaky every night, especially given how he played against Washington.  And if the Habs go with Price he can certainly play well too.

3) The health of Jordan Staal.  Of course Montreal has a health worry of their own too with Markhov.  Staal’s injury appeared to be ankle.  If its just a bad bruise he might be okay if he can get the skate boot on, but if he can’t go it presents real problems.  Would likely have to rotate Talbott off of Malkin’s line so he could center the 3rd line and make it pretty much impossible to put Malkin and Crosby on the same line which Bylesma likes to do at times when the offense needs jump-starting.

Of course, the Pens did win the game and did score 6 goals so maybe I shouldn’t panic too much 🙂

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