The Butler Almost Did It

Heck of a game last night won by Duke 61-59.  Butler’s Gordon Haywood almost launched the 21st Century version of the shot heard ’round the world as his jumper from midcourt drew iron before falling away.  It was a remarkably close game throughout with the largest lead either team ever had, IIRC was 6 points.  Probably the key play was Butler being forced to use their last timeout just to get the ball inbounded on their last normal possession with about 13 seconds left.  Because of that they didn’t have time to catch the rebound of Zoubek’s missed foul shot and draw up a play.  Basically, a heave from midcourt was the best they could do.  Of course, if that shot drops everyone is questioning Coach K’s decision to have Zoubek miss that foul shot on purpose.  Its a perfect strategy with a second or less remaining, but in this case there was time to dribble out to a reasonable shot at micourt.  But he was thinking a make lets Butler inbound the ball up the court and they might get a shot from much closer to the arc.  Of course it would have been to merely tie the game.  And, if the shot does go, I’m sure Duke fans would be talking about the moving screen Matt Howard set at midcourt to free up Haywood.  Of course, if Evan Turner can get knocked down while shooting at the horn a defender away from the ball can get knocked down.  Anyhow it was a great game.


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