Why Do We All Hate Duke?

20 minutes from the National Championship Game seems as good a time as any to ask.  David Sirota of Salon says its because of privilege:


Personally, it started because I detested Christian Laettner, the most hateable player in college basketball history (Joachim Noah running a close 2nd).  As time moved on I came to loathe that smug smirk of Coach K’s (the same smug smirk GW Bush oftentimes wore).  Recently, I just get tired of hearing from the Duke lovers how totally wonderful and special the program is.  I’m sure most of the people associated with the program are decent people, but I assume that about most teams.  Then throw in the perception that they get more breaks than most, throw in the fact they could be playing a DIV high school team and it would still be on ESPN2.  And privilege; watching the starting lineup introduction I think all 5 players are from suburbia for what that is worth.  There’s something to hate in there for just about everyone not from Durham.


One Response to “Why Do We All Hate Duke?”

  1. Kevin Snyder Says:

    I must politely disagree …. Frenchy Noah was the all-time most hateable …. in my humble opinion lol

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