A Crazy Theory

It seems rather apparent the Philadelphia Eagles are going to trade Donovan McNabb.  It also seems apparent that no one is going to bowl them over with an offer so they are waiting to see if something better comes along.  Could they specifically be waiting to see if Ben Roethlisberger gets indicted (which I am getting the vibe could happen next week) and the Steelers come calling?  McNabb has one year left on his contract which would be perfect for the Steelers in this scenario.  Take him for 2010 while Ben eats an indefinite suspension while the legal system plays itself out.  If Ben is convicted the Steelers could ponder re-signing McNabb for 2011 or look to Dennis Dixon.  If Ben clears his name they can thank McNabb for his service.

Then again, maybe this blows over for Ben and the Eagles play the Draft weekend game.  But its not the vibe I’m getting, unfortunately, for Ben.


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