Ohio Has an Open Senate This Year (If You Didn’t Know That)

Some analysis from Salon:


I would be one of those Ohio Dems that is curiously disengaged from this race.  I assume I will support whoever against Rob Portman in the fall.  Lee Fisher has been around forever in Ohio politics and I don’t really have anything against him, but like a lot of Democrats that have run statewide in Ohio he’s frankly rather boring.  Well, really, like a lot of people of either party that have run statewide in Ohio (the words “spellbinding” and “Bob Taft” never having been used in the same sentence either).  As for Brunner she’s newer and fresher, and who doesn’t like the underdog?  Her campaign is better from the standpoint that I get e-mails from her several times a week and have never gotten one from Lee Fisher.  I’ve been more comfortable with her as Secretary of State than I was with Ken Blackwell, but that is damning with faint praise for sure.  So its just a ho-hum boring race.

Ohio Democrats also likely aren’t ultra excited by this race because we have never really been bothered by George Voinovich either.  He’s certainly no firebrand, not a lightning rod for controversy.  I heard him speak in person once when he was Governor; he seemed like a decent enough fellow.  He’s retiring of course and not in this race but I don’t know a ton of people that have been frothing to get this seat when he held it, so again, its ho hum right now.  We’re exciting hoping to win about the way an NBA team is excited about playing a boring opponent in mid-December.  I guess we’ll try to win.


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