Pirates Making a Mistake

Not hardly an eye-grabbing headline I realize.  But it seems that manager John Russell has caught Tony LaRussa over-think things disease and plans to bat the pitcher 8th:


Without even commenting on the notion that the Pirates lineup is stacked with talent I would simply like to suggest that since a time Abner Doubleday still walked the Earth managers have traditionally batted their weakest hitter last in the order for a very simple reason.  Last comes up to hit least.  If you want more runners on ahead of McCutcheon, bat him 3rd not 2nd.  When you bat the pitcher 8th he’s that much closer to the meat of your lineup killing rallies.  When you bat the pitcher 8th he will have to get pinch hit for more quickly.  God intended for pitchers to bat 9th, and Russell is over-thinking things here.

Of course, if it actually works after 17 seasons of futility the man will be hailed as a hero.

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