Refs Push Vols Into Elite 8

Evan Turner was plainly fouled in the last second of the game putting up the would-be tying 3 point shot and refs chose to ignore it.  It was just as plain as the foul late in the Xavier game last night, especially in the context of a game where the Bucks were called for fouling air at least 3 times on Tennessee flushes.  Seth Davis and CBS, mindful of how much the NCAA pays them, is currently on-air in the mid-games studio segment pretending it was a good no call, but that’s just bullshit.  Of course, the Buckeyes may not have been in such a desperate position (Turner does have to hit all 3 at the line if they do make the call) if the refs had been willing to believe that a white guy (Diebler) can make a clean steal which would’ve put OSU up 4 with about 2 minutes to play.

Of course, the Vols certainly did earn having a chance to win this game as they did exactly what I feared.  Their rotation of players allowed them to play pressure defense and force the game up-tempo.  In addition, to an appalling degree they were able to control the lane area dominating the inside scoring stat and offensive rebounding.  It didn’t help Ohio St’s cause that Diebler had a terrible night shooting, but Tennessee did a lot of things well to be in this game.  I just wish it hadn’t been reffed by the worst officiating crew I have seen in an NCAA Tournament game . . . since Robert Morris v Villanova 8 days ago.  They called Lighty for his 3rd foul early in the 2nd half when he was pushed from behind by a Volunteer into the ball handler.  They ignored Chism shoving a Buckeye out of the way clearing the lane for his teammate.  They missed lots of stuff.  And now, if Kentucky and Tennessee both make the Final Four (which I consider fairly likely at this point) we all get to hear from CBS how completely wonderful the SEC is when its not even football season.  Argh!

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