Hatfield and McCoy to be Revisited

When West Virginia and Kentucky square off in the Regional Final Saturday evening in Syracuse after both posted strong wins Thursday night.  The Mountaineers struggled with Washington before pulling away in the 2nd half while Kentucky outgunned Cornell after the very early stages of the game.

The West semis last night were a tad more interesting as Butler became the first Horizon League member to reach the Elite 8 by upsetting top seed Syracuse.  The ‘Cuse clearly didn’t play their best game but credit should go to Butler for forcing the game on their pace and making the plays the last 3 minutes of the game after the Orange had claimed a 4 point lead.  As for the Kansas St game wow!  Xavier was down 19-4 early and stormed back to make it an even game by halftime and it stayed even for another 30 minutes.  Obviously a certain amount of focus today on the refs missing KSU’s foul with about 5 seconds left that would’ve been double bonus 2 shots before the foul they did call in the act of shooting that was 3 shots and let Xavier force overtime.  Either way I still dislike that strategy to foul on purpose up 3 points.  I understand the thinking but why lengthen the game when you are leading?  Just play defense.  If the guy makes the shot on tough defense tip your cap and play overtime.  By fouling you introduce more things that can go wrong.  He could be in the act of shooting.  He could make the first and miss the 2nd on purpose and they get a rebound.  Maybe even a rebound put back and 1 that lets them win.  Or, as in the case of what the Wildcats tried to do last night, you foul with several seconds left maybe he makes both and you fail to get the ball inbounded properly and they still have time to score again for the win.  I say use the KISS rule and just play defense.  Of course, Kansas St. did that at the end of the 1st overtime and the dude hit a deep 3 to force a 2nd overtime.

Four more games tonight.  Obviously rooting for the Buckeyes against Tennessee.  If OSU prevails I can then sit back and watch Northern Iowa v Michigan St with an even heightened level of intrigue.  My assumption is Duke and Baylor will win the two games in Houston but we shall see.


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