As Per Usual

The Lady Buckeyes make another early exit from the NCAA Tournament, getting pasted by Mississippi St 87-67 at the University of Pittsburgh’s Petersen Events Center.  An absolutely dreadful performance coupled with a near flawless effort by the Lady Bulldogs means another early exit for a Buckeyes team coached by John Cooper, er I mean Jim Foster.  The Buckeyes committed a zillion turnovers and looked a step slow on defense all night.  Basically they were getting outplayed, so naturally Foster thought it made sense to pack all 4 timeouts into a duffel bag and take them back to Columbus.

Also, Samantha Prahalis is a great talent, but she needs to cool down just a bit.  Its great to play with passion, but she took at least one foul that was just a dumb reach in after getting the ball stolen.  And then she fouled out by taking an impetuous technical after she thought she was fouled.  She was probably right it looked like she took a forearm to the top of the head, but you can’t blow your stack like that.

Anyhow, Ohio St, and the entire Big Ten Conference, is now out of the NCAA Women’s Tournament.  They obviously weren’t going to win the title as that is UConn’s, but it would have been nice to get to Dayton and get to the matchup with the Huskies before losing.


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