With All Due Respect

To the right wing groups that were frustrating my enjoyment of the NCAA Tournament this weekend by trying to pressure Congressman Jason Altmire (D-PA) to oppose the healthcare reform bill he had already announced on Thursday that he was voting against, Obamacare absolutely does NOT allow for federal funding of abortions and any attempt to assert otherwise is a lie.  This goes for you too, Conference of American Bishops.  Private insurance plans could collect a surcharge from customers that wanted abortion coverage, and that money would be sequestered from the federal money those plans were subsidized with.  In other words, federal money would NOT cover abortions.

Look, I don’t mind honest opposition to HCR.  Its expensive, far-reaching, and complex.  Republicans figure they can score political points if they were able to block this and I understand that.  But I grow weary of the nonsense bullshit in the debate.  Also speaking as a Catholic I grow tired of the Bishops being tools for the GOP because of abortion, which I agree is a regrettable procedure but that gets played up entirely too much.  There are so many issues in the realms of social justice or stewardship of God’s creation or capital punishment where the Catholic position and the Democratic position are more harmonious but the Church can’t get past picking the abortion scab.  How about we threaten to excommunicate a Republican politician that supports executing prisoners that were convicted on conflicted evidence and with lousy defense counsel for a change?  Or better yet just shut up and spend your dwindling resources on feeding the poor and keeping churches open.

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