Carl Edwards

If NASCAR doesn’t suspend him for at least one race they are one of the sorriest and most feckless operations known to mankind.  The total disregard for the sport that he showed in intentionally wrecking Brad Kesolowski in the waning laps of today’s race in Atlanta was the act of a coward that has no regard for others.  Parking him for the last 5 laps of a race that he was 160 laps behind in was no punishment.  Fining him and docking him Nextel Cup points would be a punishment of sorts, but what he did today needs punished more severely than that.  He needs to spend a weekend watching someone else drive his car losing money and the chance at Cup points.  Then maybe next time he’ll be less cavalier about trying to spin someone into the infield, causing them to go airborne into the wall instead.


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