Coach Cashdollar Resigning

As head coach of the East Liverpool boys basketball team after 3 seasons.  If you ask me he certainly sounds burned out, and perhaps a tad bit bitter also:

A lot of people in the community took an almost immediate dislike to his coaching, and I’m sure that is contributing to any degree of bitterness he feels.  Frankly too many gave him no chance from the start, and that was unfortunate and unfair.  That having been said I think the change will be good for the Potter basketball program.  None of the teams he coached were state title contenders to be sure.  His first team was forward heavy and really struggled ball handling.  Last season was incredibly young, and this season was still young and incredibly thin at the forward position.  But even given those limitation there always seemed to be a little something missing in terms of the fundamentals.  Most especially, entirely too many turnovers for a constant theme.  Sometimes it was the opponent, but oftentimes it was players trying to rush, or at other times thinking too much, not being in the right position.  Hopefully the next coach, whoever he may be, will be able to address that.  Assuming Brian Beverly can come back healthy and a functional rotation of forwards can be cobbled together, the 2010-11 team has the definite potential to be very solid.  I wish Coach Cashdollar the best and look foward to the new chapter.

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