A Saturday in Bowling Green

3 games, 1 day, $10 combined, and several friends made for an enjoyable Saturday at the ‘ole alma mater.  It started with the women’s basketball team handling Kent St to clinch the East division title and leave them one result from the #1 seed at the upcoming Tournament.  I have to think that was not the Golden Flashes’ best effort as they were unable to hit a number of shots in the lane.  I’m not sure BG was at its best either committing a few more turnovers that would be ideal but it was a solid team effort.

The men’s basketball team lost to Akron in a hard fought effort.  The Zips used a 15-3 or so run in the middle of the 1st half to open up a lead they would never relinquish, though the Falcons did pull within as close as 4 late in the game.  What was most remarkable about this game, though, was the mechanically weak effort by the officiating crew.  I want to stress nothing really impacted the outcome but several simply poor plays stand out.  For example waiting until 2 foul shots have been attempted to discuss and review to make sure it was a 3 point shooting foul. Or signaling the shooter 1-and-1 when it was really a 2 shot foul, having the miss be rebounded and playing for several seconds before stopping the game and decided it was the double bonus after all, then not replacing the elapsed time back on the clock.  Oh well.

The attending of sports portion of the day ended with a surprise 3-2 (1-0 in the shootout) win over Michigan St in hockey.  The night started with BGSU and Miracle on Ice alumnus Ken Morrow dropping the ceremonial 1st puck.  As for the game you could tell the Falcons were playing at their peak, whether because it was Senior Night, because of Morrow being in the house, because of the basically full house, or whatever the reason they were hitting hard, battling hard.  It was fairly clear that the outright skill level is not as high as would be ideal, but they played their butts off and were rewarded with the win.  And the game ended in plenty of time to head out and get pretty well buzzed and hit Waffle House at 2:30am.  So not a bad day at all.


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