Potters Go Out Not With a Bang

But with a whimper, losing last night in the Sectional Quarterfinal (District Octofinal) to Steubenville 87-66 at OU Eastern in St. Clairsville.  The game was close at halftime before Big Red blew it open in the 3rd quarter.  A number of things contributed to the loss including the Potters being a step slow all night defensively.  Also Big Red seemed to be hitting everything after nailing a well-guarded buzzer beating 3 to end the 1st quarter.  Also as has oftentimes been the case for the Potters of the Matt Cashdollar era an inexcusable number of turnovers robbing the Potters of scoring chances.  Of the first 12 possessions of the game, one ended with Marky Thompkins hitting 2 free throws, one ended in a Jason Dickey triple, and the other 10 ended with turnovers.  It was late in the 1st quarter before a possession ended with a missed shot.  So unless one of the regular season postponements gets made up the Potters end the season at 7-11.

***UPDATE*** I stand corrected.  The home game with Youngstown Christian has been rescheduled for Thursday 2/25 at 6pm.  That is to say, for tomorrow.  Of course, given the weather forecast . . .


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