The Sorry State of US Curling

Still early in the Olympic tournament, but today’s men’s loss to Switzerland was inexcusable.  Two chances to win on the final stone and our skip blew both, in the 10th and extra 11th end with the hammer he lets Switzerland steal for the tie and then for the win.  This after letting Norway steal for the win in the extra end yesterday.  Pathetic.  Especially today’s loss having the hammer in the 10th end leading by one.  Why not simply peal every stone Switzerland puts out there and not even let it get complicated?  Almost pulled it out as the identity of shot rock came down to a measurement but it should never have been that close.  Oh well its still a neat sport to watch but I was hoping for a US medal like 4 years ago and now its very long odds for both genders to get out of pool play.


One Response to “The Sorry State of US Curling”

  1. Nick Says:

    Our curling skip makes Lindsay Jacobellis look downright clutch by comparison.

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