Olympics Thus Far

A good start for Team USA, getting two medals at women’s moguls and men’s 1500m short track speedskating plus a first ever medal at Nordic Combined.  That short track race is probably the moment of the Games thus far, as the South Koreans were poised to sweep the medals when the dude in 3rd elected to try and pass the dude in 2nd on the last turn, causing the two to wreck and allowing Ohno and Celik to claim silver and bronze.  As crazed about the sport as the South Koreans are I almost wonder if that dude will be let back in the country.  Hopefully they don’t treat him like the Colombian that committed an own goal during the ’94 World Cup.

Armin Zoeggeler got a luge medal in a 5th consecutive Games . . . barely.  He was darned lucky to hold onto bronze by a slim even by luge standards.  More importantly the modifications to the course, using the lower start point, seems to have allowed the field to compete without serious injuries.

I would like to request NBC announcers would please stop repeating themselves!  You don’t have to tell me every 3rd ****ing sledder that they are using the women’s start, cutting the length of almost two football fields off the course, the equivalent of a 3 story building in elevation.  Once or twice a run is sufficient.  You don’t have to tell me what the slushy snow means every 3rd mogulist that comes down the hill.  You don’t have to tell me that its slow speed skating ice because they are at sea level every pair.  I’m not an idiot and I heard you the first time.  Thank you.


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