Great American Race

First of all I would like to thank the caretakers of Daytona Speedway; by having two red flags because of a pothole the race didn’t end until after the afternoon Olympics coverage and the golf, so it was easy to sit there and watch the last 39 laps intently.  Obviously a great run after the last stab at the green/white/checkered by Jamie McMurray to get the win.  Also, as Darrell Waltrip elegantly put it, where the heck did Junior come from?  10th to 2nd in the last lap is insane, but anything  is possible at Daytona.  The race lacked a lot of its top stars being a factor, with Jimmie Johnson having tire issues and Jeff Gordon stuck back in the pack, then wrecking on the final lap.  But that really didn’t matter to gearheads, as this was still a very memorable race.

Of course, in the aftermath a lot of questions have to be asked about the condition of the track.  How does a pothole form in the middle of the race on any NASCAR track?  Let alone Daytona?  My understanding the track hasn’t been resurfaced completely since 1978.  It might be about time they do it again.

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