Winter Storm 2010 Immediate Aftermath

Well, the snow has settled in the Upper Ohio Valley on an historic snowstorm.  My unofficial yardstick measurements in the yard were 14 inches here in downtown East Liverpool.  Pittsburgh International reported 21.1 inches, which ranks it as the 4th snowiest storms in that city’s history behind the March ’93 storm, a storm in 1890, and Thanksgiving 1950.  Dulles Airport in the DC area got an amazing 32 inches, which is a record for the nation’s capital.  My folks and I spent close to 2 hours today merely cleaning our cars off and shoveling the sidewalk.  I have a mound in the vacant lot next door that is about chin high, and I still haven’t dug out the cars themselves, having decided to put that off till tomorrow.  The snow was a heavy wet snow for most of the event, so there are numerous power outages in the general area.  Indeed, I was without power from 6:25am until about 2:15pm today.  The house had gotten down to 49 degrees before the juice came back.  The hedges in the back yard which had grown very tall, probably about 15-20 feet, are completely doubled over into the yard.  When the snow melts they will probably have to be sawed down and allowed to regrow from the bottom up.  But they’re not laying on anything important so can be ignored for now.  The hedges in the front, only about 5 feet high, are also a bit bent in the front but not very severly.

Watched the Pittsburgh news this evening; its a good thing I didn’t have to go to work today!  Close to if not at 2 feet of snow in most places in Western Pennsylvania.  They are still advising people to not go out as PennDOT crews were still working on getting the interstate system cleared, let alone the surface highways (which they were supposed to get to tonight and tomorrow) and then the township roads.  A picture I saw of the Parkway West at I-79 it was just one lane in each direction that had been cleared to pavement as of 6pm.  Its supposed to get rather cold tonight, a natural chill behind the storm enhanced by all the snow on the ground, then sunny tomorrow.  But maybe another storm coming Tuesday evening (argh!) so stay tuned.

***UPDATE*** for a full account of the Pittsburgh situation:

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