Potter Boys Schedule/OVAC Tourney

From twitter.com/ELhoops:

2/5 Varsity/JV game @ Big Red cancelled, no new date yet 2/6 Varsity/JV game @ Martins Ferry moved to 2/12 No BMACS on Sat., will start 2/8

The cutoff date, unless the OVAC pushes it back, is games played on/before February 9th.  So the Martins Ferry game won’t be in time now, and it doesn’t sound like the Steubenville game, if played at all, will be either.  I believe the Potters currently sit 4th, but its precarious and Indian Creek did have a game both tonight (presumably cancelled) but also next Tuesday.  If the Redskins with at St. Clairsville they will likely jump the Potters in the final standings.  Potter Nation may need to root for the Red Devils Tuesday night.  A bit more helpless that you like to be, but 8-9 teams can’t complain, and there’s no fighting Mother Nature either.

For the record for those who might not be familiar, the BMAC reference was to a postseason tourney for Upper Ohio Valley middle school basketball teams of both genders, in which ELMS participates.


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