Potters Cling to 4th

In the current OVAC standings updated today.  Keep in mind that it is the top 4 that make the conference tournament the week of February 15-21st.  I should mention, as I believe I neglected to last week, that the teams listed at the bottom of the table with an asterisk are ineligible for the conference tournament because they do not play enough qualifying league games.  The cutoff for determining the final standings is Tuesday February 9th; any games played after that date won’t count.  The Potters have 3 scheduled games before that date, all OVAC members.  Tuesday they host Brooke, Friday they visit Steubenville in a key game, and Saturday they visit Martins Ferry.  They have no games scheduled Monday the 8th or Tuesday the 9th if weather forces a reschedule.  Anyhow, here are the standings:

School W L CP AVG
Wheeling Park 12 1 782 60.2
John Marshall 9 5 536 38.3
Steubenville 7 6 444 34.2
East Liverpool 6 8 376 26.9
Indian Creek 6 8 324 23.1
Buckeye Local 4 10 256 18.3
Brooke 0 13 0 0.0
*Zanesville 11 4 726 48.4
*Parkersburg South 9 3 572 47.7
*Cambridge 3 8 172 15.6
*Beaver Local 3 11 180 12.8

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