State of the Union Address

Just a few quick thoughts as I should get some sleep with tomorrow’s drive to work likely to be a snowy one.

I thought overall the speech was very solid.  The delivery and presentation gets high marks.  The President seemed relaxed and at ease; he even worked in several jokes during his hour+ at the podium.  Speaking of the length it ideally should be shorter but I don’t really know what could have been cut.

As for the ideas it was overall fairly strong.  Heavy lead on the economy, as he knows politically this needs to be the year jobs returns or November will look like Massachusetts.  A strong defense for healthcare reform and pleas that it not be abandoned.  A bone thrown to the left in calling for the charade of don’t ask-don’t tell to be repealed.  What I found quite striking was the direct challenge to Democrats to not forget they have a majority, and a plea to Republicans in the Senate to not block everything.  We shall see if they heed that request or not.

And of course the cameras caught a few interesting crowd images.  I could live without the “blimp” shot that was used at least once.  Samuel Alito did not seem to take kindly to the President disagreeing with the recent “corporations are people” decision.  John Dingell applauding during a section on clean energy.  The JCOS applauded several times during the night, but not when he was talking about ending combat operations in Iraq or in being more permissive of gays in the military.  Republicans applauded during his plea to pass healthcare reform even though they have not seemed very eager to do so.

At any rate I thought it was a very good performance by President Obama.  We shall see what the punditocracy, and more importantly the American people, think.


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