Potters Rebound, Get Solid Win Over Chaney

First of all, full disclosure after my last Potter basketball posting a few nights ago; Andrew English played a great game, scoring 19 points and making several nice plays, especially in the 3rd quarter.  He was quite useful.  Also, while not lighting up the score sheet, Jason Dickey played much better also, running around the court making several hustle plays.  And while he did have a modicum of foul trouble, they were not dumbass fouls; they were routine normal course of play aggressive fouls that happen, especially when you find yourself being the last line of defense near the basket.

It was a good game.  Chaney got out to a 7-0 or so lead, but the Potters bounced back from the sluggish start and were only down 3 when the 1st quarter ended at down 5 at halftime.  The Potters won the 4th quarter by 8 to claim the 71-67 win.  They played with energy, like a said above lots of hustle, and they looked good against the Chaney press, especially late in the game getting a number of quick and easy baskets, including the winning basket after Chaney scored to go up 67-66 with about 20 seconds left getting the ball down the floor to Blankenship for the layup and one play with 13 seconds left.  Bit of an interesting call, as he was fouled from behind after giving a head fake with his feet on the ground, a play that is usually ruled a floor foul (being in the double bonus it would have been two shots) but they gave him the continuation made basket.

Which leads to a paragraph on the officiating.  I thought it was okay though the Potters definitely won the foul disparity and may’ve gotten their share of the 50-50 calls.  Two of the three refs didn’t have to drive far to get to Potter Fieldhouse last night.  Not sure if Chaney’s coach knew that last fact, but he went completely off his rocker once the game ended, running across the floor to intercept the refs on the way to their dressing room.  He was screaming at them and may very well have physically attacked them if he had not been blocked by the police and East Liverpool City Schools Administration.  I’m sure he came quite close to being arrested for disorderly conduct but he was eventually steered into the visitor’s locker room after a minute or two.  Needless to say an entertaining coda to a good game.

With the win the Potters hit the season’s halfway mark 4-6 with two games remaining this busy week, Friday at Beaver Local as part of a girls/boys varsity doubleheader and Saturday hosting Youngstown Cardinal Mooney, a game rescheduled by weather from two weeks ago.


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