Mark McGwire Admits to Using Steroids

And in other shocking announcements on Monday January 11, 2010 it was suggested the sun rose in the East this morning and Congress spends money too freely.

Which is to say, I was less than surprised to learn this.  It doesn’t change my opinion of Big Mac, because I already had ‘roid usage factored in.  Also I have long since grown weary of the steroids in baseball discussion.  When Mac played MLB had no formal testing regime.  Now they do.  You cannot punish the random people from his era that we know used because for everyone we know used there are doubtless dozens of players that used that we have never suspected.  If Tim Laker was using anyone could have been.  Put another way, he was hitting of off pitchers that were using too.  The only sensible way to treat this, quite frankly, is pretend it didn’t happen, just like we’ve never worried too much about the rampant amphetemine use the decades prior to that.  Compare players in that era to their colleagues, decide Hall of Fame enshrinement and other accolades on the basis of those comparisons, be thankful that we have testing in place for now and presumably the future and just move on with life already.  There are worse injustices in the world than a slugger that used chemical enhancement.


One Response to “Mark McGwire Admits to Using Steroids”

  1. yojoe Says:

    Not a good day for USC.

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