Time to Make Some Crappy Playoff Predictions

As I’m sure my readership is anxiously waiting to know what will happen in the upcoming NFL Playoffs and want me to tell them.  I am unencumbered from personal biases of the positive sort since my Steelers fell short of the postseason this season, and I will try to fight my personal biases of the negative sort, like getting tired of hearing how wonderful Tom Brady is and lay out some predictions.  I should also note that my bottom line can maintain fidelity with my preseason predictions, as both of my Super Bowl picks on Labor Day survived the 16 game regular season to win their divisions.  So, without further boring preamble:

AFC Wildcard Weekend:

5. New York defeats 4. Cincinnati: This game will likely be much closer than Sunday night when the Bengals level of caring did not equal the Jets’.  And the thought has crossed my mind that Cincy could be this season’s Arizona, going 6-0 against the division but a losing record in the other 10 games equalling the #4 seed then a surprising playoff run.  And anytime a team hits the postseason with a rookie quarterback its a concern.  But the Bengals have not been that inspiring the 2nd half of the season and I fear might be a bit emotionally exhausted at this point.  I like the Jets defense and running game to prevail here.

3. New England defeats 6. Baltimore: The Ravens of 2009 rarely beat good teams; they got to 9 wins basically by beating the weaker foes.  Their defense just is not as fearsome as in past seasons.  Edelman will adequately substitute for Welker.  And the Pats simply don’t lose at home.

NFC Wildcard Weekend:

3. Dallas defeats 6. Philadelphia: Allow me to drink the Cowboys Kool-Aid.  The late season win at New Orleans followed by easy wins over the ‘Skins and Eagles has me thinking they are peaking.  They have a solid defense, good running game when they show devotion to it, and I have more faith in Tony Romo than some pundits as I think his past postseason failings are explainable.

4. Arizona defeats 5. Green Bay: I’m not going to say the Cardinals get back to the Super Bowl, but I think they are getting undervalued, and I put no stock in their loss to the Packers this past Sunday.  This figures to be a high scoring game and I look for Arizona to prevail at home

AFC Divisional Playoffs

1. Indianapolis defeats 5. New York: The Jets will make this a game by harrassing Manning but the Colts haven’t lost a game they tried to win all season.  It’ll be close into the 2nd half and then the Colts blow the doors open.

2. San Diego defeats 3. New England: The Pats defense is a work in progress, and the Chargers offense is too good for that.  Brady will keep the Pats in it but the Chargers will simply outscore them and get the occassional stop.

NFC Divisional Playoffs

1. New Orleans defeats 4. Arizona: You want points?  You’ve come to the right place!  The Saints ball-hawking defense will make a couple random big plays that are the difference in this game.

3. Dallas defeats 2. Minnesota: Like I said above, I am keeping fidelity with my preseason picks.  I am less concerned by the Vikings December slide as some in the national media but I look for the ‘Boys defense to contain Peterson and get a pick or two of Favre.  The Vikings defense makes a few plays but Romo leads a late game drive to ice it.

AFC Championship Game

2. San Diego defeats 1. Indianapolis: The Bolts have the Colts number in recent contests.  I look for that trend to continue in a relatively high scoring game.  Again fidelity to preseason picks as I do have honest misgivings about how far a team can go with Norv Turner as coach.  Then I remember Bob Brenly won a World Series and so anything is possible.

NFC Championship Game

3. Dallas defeats 1. New Orleans: The Cowboys did it once and they can do it again.  Consistent ball movement against the New Orleans defense allows Dallas to win time of possession and limit Brees’ opportunities to beat them.  Wade Phillips keeps his job for one more season.

Super Bowl XLIV

Dallas defeats San Diego: This I believe is actually contrary in result to my Labor Day pick, but my main deciding factor here is the Cowboys play much better defense of the two.  I am a bit concerned about the Dallas kicking game but I see a 10 or so point win here that mitigates that factor somewhat.  Rejoicing at Valley Ranch!

Now let’s just sit back and see just how crappy these picks were . . .

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