Dodd, Dorgan Decline to Seek Reelection

To the United States Senate.  Both Democrats so it could potentially impact the party’s attempts to retain their supermajority in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.  Of the two, Chris Dodd is  certainly the higher profile member, but his departure may be less of a problem for his party.  He has been recently embattled with an ethics investigation (he was cleared of wrongdoing) and his coziness with certain Connecticut based companies at the heart of last year’s financial industry collapse.  And, his retirement clears the way for a rising star in the state Attorney General to run for the seat from the left-leaning state.  As for Dorgan I cannot profess familiarity with the landscape in North Dakota, but one assumes the Republicans should be able to mount a serious attempt at taking the seat as the Plains States are usually right-leaning in politics.  Of course we shall find out for sure come November.

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