Steelers Win But Lose

They won the battle against the Miami Dolphins 30-24 but lost the war of making the NFL Playoffs because of wins today by Houston and Baltimore (with the New York game still to come).  Well, more to the point they will miss the playoffs b/c a month ago they couldn’t get a win against Kansas City, or against Oakland, or against Cleveland.  Oh well.  They beat a bunch of good teams and lost to some not so good and it adds up to 9-7 and a draft choice somewhere in the high teens or low 20s (I recommend a defensive back) and next season their positional games will be Tennessee and Oakland.

As for today’s game, it was a solid effort by the Steelers offense, both in the 1st half and again on the clock killing drive late in the 4th quarter after the Clark interception saved their behinds from committing yet another egregious 4th quarter blown lead.  Asking the Steeler defense to save a game this year was kinda like asking Trevor Hoffman to get a save in the All Star Game.  On a more important note, I hope that Pat White of the Dolphins is okay.

Speaking of the NFL as a whole, we now know the seeding in the NFC:

1. New Orleans

2. Minnesota

3. Dallas

4. Arizona

5. Green Bay

6. Philadelphia

In the AFC we don’t know the exact seedings but by the nature of the remaining scenarios we do know that Baltimore @ New England will be one wildcard game and that New York or Houston @ Cincinnati is the other one.  My assumption is that Philadelphia @ Dallas will be the 8pm game next Saturday on NBC.  If I am right then Green Bay @ Arizona will be the 4:30pm game on Sunday on Fox.  I would look for Baltimore @ New England to be Saturday at 4:30 and the Cincinnati game to be 1pm Sunday on CBS.  My assumption is NBC via the NFL will have an announcement on that during tonight’s game.

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