Pryor Comes Up Roses

As Ohio St beats Oregon 26-17 to win the Rose Bowl Game Presented by Citi.  It was nice to see that Coach Tressel could loosen the reigns on Pryor and have it not backfire.  I think we saw today a snippet of what Terrelle Pryor will bring to the table in the next season or two.  He was making good throws and running the ball effectively.

Aside from Pryor there were probably two key plays in the game.  The first was the Homan interception late in the 1st half.  Rather than Oregon driving the field and scoring to tie or take the lead, it allowed Ohio St to get a field goal as time expired.  The other I would say was the Blount fumble when Oregon was driving to take the lead late in the 3rd quarter that then rolled 20 yards into and through the end zone for a touchback.  And of coure Oregon missing the field goal that would’ve made it a 6 point game with about 5 minutes left and Ohio St playing keep-away the rest of the game.

In other New Year’s Day action I’m not sure I’ve seen many more wild than that Outback Bowl between Northwestern and Auburn.  How many plot twists can you jam into one game?!?  Nice game winning drive for Penn St to hold off LSU in Orlando.  Have you ever seen a field in worse shape for a bowl game, though?  I know it was raining a bit in central Florida, but that was atrocious.  Bobby Bowden goes out in style, and it looks like Tebow is riding off into the sunset in glory, as at halftime this Sugar Bowl has not been a fair fight.  Looks like the polls where right to hold Cincinnati out of the title game, though losing their head coach to Notre Dame might not be helping.


2 Responses to “Pryor Comes Up Roses”

  1. Douglas Says:

    Pryor did look awesome, as well as the entire team. My favorite stat is that Terrelle had more yards of total offense than the entire Oregon team. The Bucks also set a Rose Bowl record for time of possession.

    On the topic of the Citrus Bowl turf, the major problem is that they had played the Florida HS state title games along with the Champ Sports Bowl in the week before the Cap One Bowl, so the field was shot. After this game they are going to put field turf down at the Citrus Bowl, so they can stay in the rotation for the FHSAA title games.

  2. Sue Says:

    Greetings! I stumbled across your blog today quite by accident, but am very happy I did!

    As a fellow Buckeye, I’m very happy for the Rose Bowl win. That one felt good! Our OSU karma has changed, since Gordon Gee resigned as a Massey Energy board member, which blows the crap out of mountains in West Virginia for coal, while killing everything else. (Wouldn’t mind WVU joining the Big 10 conference, either!)

    Anyhow, didn’t come to rant. Just wanna say I enjoy your writings, and look forward to reading more! PS – Go Brutus!


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