Steelers Playoff Scenarios

This is a quickie, as I am trying to watch the Sunday Night game and need to go to work in the morning. I apologize if I omit or miscalculate something. And I plan to have the fuller view of both conferences posted at the usual time Tuesday night.

After today’s narrow win over Baltimore (I would like to thank the Ravens team that played the 3rd quarter for promptly disappearing again) the Steelers are 8-7 and still alive in the AFC wildcard race. Currently they are ranked worst of the 5 teams tied at 8-7, w/ New York, Baltimore, Denver, and Houston being above them. It is important to keep in mind that they lose a tie to Baltimore within the division, so the only way they can get in if the Ravens win Sunday is if Baltimore is the #5 seed, leaving room for the Steelers to be the #6. Pittsburgh wins a head-to-head tie with Denver but they could lose a multi-way tie with others b/c the Broncos have a better conference record. They lose a tie with New York on conference record and a tie with Houston on common games record. But I think (leaving ties out of the equation) there are 3 different combinations of results that would work for the Steelers. Of course these all include Pittsburgh winning:

1) New York and Houston lose. In this case, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Denver are 9-7. The Ravens win a tie with Denver for the 5th seed on head-to-head, and then the Steelers win a tie with Denver for the 6th seed on the same basis.

2) Houston and Baltimore lose. In this case, New York, Pittsburgh, and Denver are tied. In the battle for the 5th seed Pittsburgh is dropped with a 6-6 conference record, while New York and Denver are 7-5 so those two are re-evaluated as a 2 team tie. They didn’t play each other so it goes to common games. New York wins that tie 4-1 to 3-2 for Denver. Then Pittsburgh wins the tie with Denver for the 6th seed on head-to-head.

3) New York, Baltimore, and Denver lose. In this case, Houston and Pittsburgh are the only 9-7 teams. The Texans are seeded 5th and Pittsburgh 6th. It is important in this scenario that Denver lose, as in a 3 way tie with Houston and Pittsburgh Denver would be seeded 5th on superior conference record, then as I said above Houston wins the tie for 6th.

And yes, there are ways Pittsburgh could get in as the 5th seed. If New York, Houston, and Baltimore all lose then the Steelers are the 5th seed, either head-to-head on Denver or as being the only 9-7 team and chaos sorts a many-way tie at 8-8 possibly involving Jacksonville (or not).

Like I said, if I forgot or miscalculated something, my apologies.


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